Class of 2023 Checklist


Here are the steps graduating seniors must take prior to graduation. Steps indicated with an asterisk (*) will be listed on your personalized pre-graduation checklist on My Coe and marked with a date once completed. Please note: Your pre-graduation checklist on My Coe will not be visible until you submit your graduation application.

  • 提交毕业申请:* The application is found in your My Coe account at the following path, My Coe ( > Student tab > Registrar’s Office > Graduation Information. 毕业申请必须在3月17日前收到, 2023, or you may not be eligible to walk and the conferral of your degree may be delayed by a term.
  • 检查你的学位审核: Verify with your advisor and department chair that your degree audit is complete. 你也可以到注册办公室报到
    ( if you have questions. Please do not wait until the last minute as response times may vary due to the volume of requests.
  • GRADE CHANGE REQUESTS: 如果你选择取消P/NP等级, it must be done before close of business on the last day of finals. 请与注册主任办公室联络
  • ORDERING A TRANSCRIPT: If you wish to have an academic transcript sent after graduation, you may order one by going to Please be sure to mark “after grades are posted” or “after degree is awarded.”
  • 完成贷款退出咨询:* The exit counseling is different for each loan type and will provide information about the rights and responsibilities associated with each loan.
    • 联邦直接斯塔福德贷款: The Office of Student Financial Services will send you an email on how to complete the exit counseling for your Federal Direct Stafford Loan.    
    • Canfield Loan, Smith Loan, McElroy Loan, Crimson and Gold Loan and/or Federal Perkins Loan: ECSI will send you an email with instructions on how to complete exit counseling for your Federal Perkins Loan, Canfield Loan, 史密斯贷款和/或麦克尔罗伊贷款. If you have additional questions, contact the Office of Student Financial Services at or 319.399.8540.
  • 完成高年级第一目的地调查:* 从3月29日开始,去你的 Handshake profile and click on Career Center and the First Destination link to complete your senior survey. 您还将收到带有直接链接的电子邮件. 所有检验必须在4月30日前完成.
  • 支付你的学生帐户余额:* Verify that your Coe student account balance is paid in full by contacting the Office of Student Financial Services. 为了参加毕业典礼, your student account must be paid in full in the Office of Student Financial Services by April 28.
  • 在我的coe上更新您的邮寄地址: Please update your mailing address on My Coe to a non-Coe email address. This address will be used by the mailroom to forward any first-class mail that is received after graduation. (Log into My Coe and click the person icon in the top right corner > My profile & settings > Contact information > Addresses > Current address).
  • ORDER YOUR CAP AND GOWN: 在大学网上订购你的帽子和长袍 学士学位的学士帽、学士袍和流苏套装价格为40美元. 您的订单不需要付款. 最后一天是2023年3月24日. 商品将于5月1日至5日接受付款和提货. You must complete your pre-graduation checklist on My Coe in order to pick up your cap and gown.


NOW | As soon as possible

  • 如果你还没有申请毕业,请尽快申请 | My Coe ( >> Student tab >> Registrar’s Office > Graduation Information | Students who have not applied for graduation by March 17, 2023, 就没有资格走路了.

现在- 3月24日越快越好

  • 在网上订购你的帽子和长袍 at 您的订单不需要付款. This will ensure that you have the correct size gown and tassel color on graduation day. A payment of $40 will be collected when you pick up your cap and gown.  Additional tassels may be ordered for double majors by emailing The Kohawk Shop directly (however only one tassel is worn during the ceremony).
  • 订购毕业公告 和文凭框架通过Herff-Jones在线

NOW - MAY 15 | Anytime

  • 确认你现在的地址,邮寄毕业证 在My Coe上更新您的当前地址( under the icon in the top right of your screen >> My profile & settings >> contact information by May 15, so we can mail your diploma. Diplomas take roughly 6 to 8 weeks to process and arrive at the indicated address. Financial obligations must be settled prior to leaving campus to avoid a delay in processing.

3月9日- 4月15日上午8:30 -下午4:30


3月29日- 4月30日随时奉陪

  • 完成高级首选目的地调查| Your Handshake Profile | Click on Career Center and the First Destination link to complete your senior survey by April 30. This is required before you can pay for and pick up your cap and gown. 您还将收到带有直接链接的电子邮件 to the survey, so watch for these.

APRIL 28 | By Midnight

  • 支付任何未偿还的帐户余额 | CASHNet via My Coe (my.allseasonsgiftbasket.com你的帐单帐户余额应在4月28日到期.

4月26日-30日|上午9:00 -下午4:00

  • Pick up honors cords 注册办公室,Voorhees
  • 捡起俱乐部的绳子和偷 与你的扶轮社协调员核实

4月28日- 5月6日随时奉陪

MAY 1-5

  • 拿起你的帽子,付钱, gown and tassel package ($40) at The Kohawk Shop in Lower Gage Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM. 你的个性化毕业前清单在我的.coe.Edu必须完成取单.

MAY 4 | 6:00 PM

  • Senior Celebration | Eastbank Venue & Lounge

MAY 5 | 2:30 PM | Commencement rehearsal | Stewart Memorial Library quad

  • 如果下雨,排练将在科霍克竞技场进行. 彩排45分钟. Attendance is required.


  • 上午11:00学士学位^ |辛克莱礼堂| 将举行文字与歌曲的毕业典礼. 邀请家人和朋友. This is not a mandatory event but a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. 
  • 下午1:00 |护士钉钉赛伦ony | Dows Theatre
  • 1:30 PM | Phi Beta Kappa Initiation | Perrine Gallery, Stewart Memorial Library | By invitation only
  • 下午2:30 |荣誉会议*^ |辛克莱礼堂| 学术奖项及奖品将会公布, 向父母和朋友展示学生的成就.
  • 下午4:00 |总统招待会| Sinclair Lobby | All graduating seniors and their families are invited.

MAY 7 

  • 早上7:00 - 9:00 |早餐|在盖奇纪念联盟的U (毕业生免费,客人5美元) (Learn more!)
  • 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM | 科霍克家族毕业庆典 | Phifer Commons in Gage Memorial Union (Learn more!)
  • 早上7:00 -下午2:00 Kohawk Shop | Open in Lower Gage
  • 上午9:00 |游行表格 & 钟声开始|北广场之间的P.U.B. and Eby Fieldhouse | 所有毕业生都要在早上9点排队. 
  • 9:30 AM | Pre-Commencement Concert | Stewart Memorial Library quad | 特色科音乐会乐队
  • 上午10:00毕业典礼*^ |斯图尔特纪念图书馆四方| 大约有2500个座位在椅子和看台上. Family members may also bring blankets or lawn chairs to use if they desire. Umbrellas and windbreakers are strongly recommended in case of rain or cool conditions. In case of severe weather, Commencement will be held in Kohawk Arena. 本次活动将于

MAY 9 | Anytime